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Propane delivery – your way!

At Bumgarner Propane, we know that each family and business in Alexander County, North Carolina that utilizes propane for heating and other purposes has its own specific needs when it comes to propane delivery. A one-size-fits-all option would leave out many or at least pose a challenge. Since our inception in 1954, we have always put our customers’ needs first, so we developed three different ways to handle propane delivery.

Propane Delivery in Alexander County, North Carolina

  • Will-call propane delivery- Some people enjoy having a hands-on approach to their propane delivery needs. If you want to keep an eye on the level of propane in the tank and call us when you need a delivery, that is perfectly fine. This is often a good option for homes using propane as a backup fuel source, such as to fuel a whole-house generator when the power grid goes down.
  • Scheduled propane delivery- If you have consistency in your use of propane, such as to heat your home in the winter or fuel your water heater or gas stove, you may know somewhat reliably when you will need propane delivery. You can schedule monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or even annual propane delivery based on your needs.
  • Autofill propane delivery- If you do not want to run the risk of running out of propane, would like the discount we offer for automated delivery accounts, or just don’t want to have to monitor your propane level yourself, our automatic tank monitoring and propane delivery is for you!

If you would like to know more about our propane delivery options or get our recommendation based on your usage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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