Does Your Restaurant Utilize Patio Propane Heating?

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If your restaurant has an outdoor dining area, you may have found that to be an excellent way to increase seating without expanding your building. The only challenge is keeping your customers comfortable when the weather isn’t agreeable. Some restaurants opt to close during the colder months, but if you would like to avoid doing so, propane heating is a viable solution. While some areas of the country do not allow their use, others, such as New York City, are considering stepping back from that stance and going back to allowing them.

Does Your Restaurant Utilize Patio Propane Heating?

Propane heating on the patio is not the only way you can utilize propane as an efficient propane furnace is often a great choice for cost-effectively heating a restaurant’s indoor seating areas as well. If you are already using propane in your kitchen because it burns hotter than natural gas or electric, it won’t even take much to expand to utilize propane for other purposes.

Patio propane heating isn’t just to keep your customers cozy warm on the patio. People love the ambiance and watching the flames in fire pits, tower, and other types of propane heaters. With the safety protocols that are put into today’s patio heaters, you can be confident about using them.

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