Should You Switch to Propane Heating?

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Many homes these days use an electric heat pump to keep their home warm during the winter months. What many people don’t know is that there is a better option that can improve home heating and offers many other benefits as well. Propane heating is a tried-and-true solution for residential and commercial heating. Is it time for you to switch? Here are some reasons why you should:

  • Increased Home Value – Propane heating costs less to maintain and offers reliable heating. Many people looking for a new home will pay more for a home with a propane heating system because they know the value of such a system. That equals an increased home value, and therefore more money in your pocket when you are preparing to sell.

Should You Switch to Propane Heating?

  • Environmental Advantages – Did you know that propane is non-toxic and doesn’t produce soot and other pollutants? That means it is safer for the environment and won’t contaminate the soil or the groundwater when burned. If you’re looking for ways to improve the environmental impact you have at home, switching to propane heating is a good solution.
  • Improved Safety – Propane heating offers a reliable and safe method for heating your home. For example, propane tanks are made to be incredibly strong and durable to ensure that the propane inside is kept contained. Additionally, propane has an odor added, so if there is a leak, it is easier to detect and can be corrected quickly.

Propane heating is ideal for your whole home, including for use with your appliances, water heater, and outdoor heating requirements. Why not enjoy the confidence that you have invested in a long-term heating solution? Reach out to us at Bumgarner Propane today to learn more about our propane services for your home!