The Benefits of Propane Heating [infographic]

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At Bumgarner Propane, we have been providing propane services for homes, businesses, and agricultural operations since 1954. Over the years, we have seen many changes in this country and continue to be convinced that propane heating remains a wise decision and investment. Here are some of the benefits that we would like to share with you that can help you determine if propane heating makes sense for your Hickory, North Carolina property.

The Benefits of Propane Heating [infographic]


  • Longer equipment life- A propane furnace can last up to a decade longer than an electric heat pump.
  • Reduced energy costs- You could save up to 40% on your energy bills when you make the switch to propane for heating and other uses.
  • Economic benefit- If we all were to switch over to propane heating, we could substantially reduce our nation’s reliance on foreign oil.
  • Environmental benefit- Propane burns without producing a ton of soot, and because it is non-toxic, it doesn’t contaminate our nation’s water supply or the soil.
  • Increase home value- When you have a propane system, savvy buyers know it costs less to maintain and has other benefits, so they are more likely to pay a higher amount for your home.
  • Safety benefit- Propane tanks are very strong to keep the product safely contained. In addition, odor is added so that any leaks are noticeable, so you or your propane heating system can respond before a serious issue presents itself.
  • Other uses- You aren’t limited to just propane heating as there are many other items manufactured to utilize propane, including generators, refrigerators, clothes dryers, stoves, patio heaters, pool heaters, fireplaces, water heater, outdoor lighting, and more.