The Many Uses of Propane

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In our experience here at Bumgarner Propane, most people have heard of propane, but many assume this fuel is only used to power grills. While this is certainly a popular use of propane, it is far from the only application, and our team wants to do our part to spread the word about the many other uses of propane. In this article, we will go over a few examples of propane applications to help broaden your thinking on this subject.

The Many Uses of Propane

• Heating – One of the most common uses of propane is in heating. It can be used to power a furnace in the same way as natural gas, and it doesn’t require a connection to a natural gas line—instead, the propane is stored in an on-site tank and periodically refilled.

• Agriculture – Propane is also used heavily in the agricultural industry. Its primary application in agriculture is drying out various crops, such as hay, tobacco, soybeans, corn, and peanuts. Waiting for these crops to dry out naturally would slow down the operation significantly, which is why propane is used to speed things along.

• Manufacturing – Many manufacturers also use propane to power their factory equipment, as its clean burn and reliability as a fuel source make it ideal for their purposes. It is also frequently used as a material in manufacturing—for example, it is used to make various plastics and as a coolant in refrigerator manufacturing.

• Warehousing – Lastly, a significant number of the forklifts used in warehouses use propane as fuel. It is ideal for forklifts for the same reasons it makes a good fuel for manufacturing equipment—namely, its clean burn and efficiency.