Top Two Purposes of Agricultural Propane

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Propane is used as a heat and energy source for many different industries, including the agricultural sector. Agricultural propane is used to fulfill many different needs around the farm for both crops and livestock alike.

Top Two Purposes of Agricultural Propane

Here are just two of the top uses for agricultural propane:

  • Building heat. It’s important to keep livestock warm and healthy once the temperatures outside dip too low for them to stay outdoors all day. Agricultural propane is a great heating source for agricultural buildings to keep livestock safe and comfortable during the winter. Greenhouses also benefit from agricultural propane, as it helps encourage plant growth.
  • Crop drying. Crop drying is a necessary step for many different farmers, and a large portion of these farmers rely on agricultural propane to power this process. With so many different crops requiring drying to get supermarket-ready, it’s no wonder that agricultural propane is such an integral part of the harvest season.

These are just a couple of the many different uses for agricultural propane. If you run a farm and need agricultural propane for these or any other purposes, reach out to us here at Bumgarner Propane today.