What You Can and Cannot Do to Hide Your Propane Tank

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If you’ve been on the fence about converting to propane heating, cooking, and other uses for bulk propane because you don’t like the idea of a big ugly propane tank sitting in your yard, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few things you can do to make it blend in a bit. There are, however, some things you cannot do to hide your propane tank due to safety protocols. With a few tips, you should be able to balance safety and aesthetics to overcome this deterrent to gaining the many benefits that propane has to offer.

What You Can and Cannot Do to Hide Your Propane Tank

First of all, let’s start with the things you should not do:

  • You cannot paint the propane tank a different color than its original one, even if you own it rather than rent it.
  • You should not enclose the tank with walls of any kind as these restrict ventilation.
  • You should not place plants within five feet as these could restrict ventilation and make it impossible for the tank to be accessed for filling or maintaining.
  • You should not put anything in the way of getting to the propane tank.

Now, let’s get into the things that you can do:

  • You can plant bushes and other plants around the propane tank as long as you keep further than five feet away. Flowering shrubs are a great option, as are lush grasses.
  • You can build a fence or wall around the propane tank as long as it is far enough away, doesn’t restrict access, and allows for sufficient ventilation.
  • Learn if putting an underground tank is possible where you live, although keep in mind there is a list of don’ts with them, too, including avoiding any plants with extensive root systems to get anywhere near it.

If you would like more advice about propane and what you can and cannot do regarding attempting to hide it, reach out to us at Bumgarner Propane. We have served the Hickory, North Carolina area since 1954, so it is safe to say that we know the best safety measures when it comes to enjoying the benefits of propane at your home or business.