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Fueling your indoor comfort.

Your home is more than just steel pipes, sheetrock, roofing shingles, and drywall – it’s where you bond with your family, have friends over, and live your life. At Bumgarner Propane, we want to help you keep comfortable and enjoying your home, and that’s why we’re committed to being the dedicated propane supplier in Conover, North Carolina that always meets your needs.

Propane Supplier in Conover, North Carolina

People know and trust the Bumgarner name, and we do everything in our power to maintain that reputation. Expect friendly service and personal care when you choose us as your propane supplier. And because our propane solutions are backed by a reliable supply network, you can feel confident knowing we’ll always have the propane you need exactly when you need it.

Propane-powered appliances and heating systems are clean and environmentally friendly, and they help you maximize energy efficiency in your home, ultimately reducing costs. By powering your home with propane, you spend less time hassling with your fuel source and more moments enjoying your home and your family. We offer a convenient automatic refill program and no-hassle deliveries, so you don’t have another thing to worry about.

As your propane supplier, we’re all about fueling what matters to you inside your home. Find out more about our propane refill programs, tank rentals, and installation services by contacting us today. We’re reliable, flexible, and capable, and we’re here to become the better propane supplier for your home.

At Bumgarner Propane, our propane suppliers proudly serve Hickory, Sugar Loaf, Connelly Springs, Drexel, Lenoir, Long View, Lincolnton, Morganton, Rutherford College, Valdese, Conover, Gwaltneys Township, Sharpes Township, Township of Taylorsville, Alexander County, Burke County, Catawba County, and Caldwell County, North Carolina.